• App - Bible Quizzer

Bible Quizzer helps you learn and then quiz yourself on your Bible Quiz text!

  • The Scripture Browser lets you view any chapter with keywords highlighted for easy recognition.
  • The Flashcards feature allows you to quiz yourself on either verse references, memory verses, or keywords.
  • Also contains lists of once and twice used keywords!
  • A quiz feature allows you to learn verses by tapping the correct word from a list of words!
  • A search feature allows you to enter any word in the text and see a list of all occurrences with context.
  • A "Prompterizer" memory aid displays any chapter with only the first letter of each word printed.
  • Now you can select any combination of chapters for your study range!
  • Sync with Question-Pro Windows desktop software to access your practice questions on your phone or tablet!
  • The Bible Quizzer app is a free app from which you will have to purchase a Scripture module for each season.

App - Bible Quizzer