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  • What is youth Bible quizzing?
    Youth Bible quizzing is a fun and exciting way to involve young people in Bible learning. In a nutshell, each group studies a portion of Scripture each season. That Scripture is typically broken down into segments which are studied monthly, then usually a competition is held over that monthly material. At the end of the season, most groups have a national event covering all material. For some groups this is a qualified event, and for others it is open. There are many variations as to how each group accomplishes the above tasks, so check with each group individually for more information.
  • How do I get started in Bible quizzing?
    We are a third party producer of Bible quizzing materials, but will be happy to refer to you someone who can help you get started. Please email us with details so we can determine where to direct you.
  • What version of Scripture do you produce materials for, and are you licensed?
    Our materials are produced using whichever version of Scripture each program uses, and in all cases we have secured proper licensing. We currently produce materials in KJV, NIV, NLT, ESV, and CSB.
  • Will you produce materials for my Bible quizzing group?
    We would love to add your Bible quizzing program to our list of supported programs. However, due to the time involved in creating and producing materials, we will only accept new groups which have at least 50 teams nationwide. email us for information.
  • I want to do my own thing... can you help?
    No. We produce specific resources for established Bible quizzing programs which all study a specific portion of Scripture each season. We do not produce materials on demand, nor do we retain materials from past seasons.
  • I'm not involved in Bible quizzing, but I'm leading a study of a portion of Scripture that you also sell resources for. Should I order your materials?
    No. Unless you are already quizzing with one of the groups represented on our site, our materials will not be of help to you. These are customized materials designed especially for the groups represented. For example, the title might say "LUKE," but it might not cover all of Luke. Please only order materials from programs you are familiar with, as we do not accept returns.